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Yes, finally something is coming. I tested the idea, I did a few concept shows and now all the parts are starting to come together. Like a good family recipe, things can’t be rushed, so when the time is right, I plan to do something I’ve wanted to do for years.

Radio, like cooking, was one of my first loves. And while I did get to enjoy a stint in the world of journalism – and have been invited back since to do a few on-air segments – the ability to combine my two passions is now a reality.

The goal of the podcast will be to bring together friends, family, colleagues and like-minded people who can share ideas, tell interesting stories and like a good dinner party, keep the conversation moving over a shared love of food, drink and culture.

It won’t be just a sit-down interview or a cooking show, but rather a place to hang out and chat, relax and enjoy “la dolche vita“.

Watch for updates soon!